It’s a privilege and Honor to share this with you  from the abundance of God’s grace supplied…to us in every way,

My prayer is that God will find us willing to do his bidding on earth.

By God’s grace today, I have trusted God to share on the topic; THE ENERGY OF GOD.

Let’s pray….

Father in the name of Jesus, I commit this session into your hands Lord, fix us and produce in us enough energy to establish your will here on earth in Jesus name Hallelujah…

JESUS in his teaching on prayer got to a point and said…. THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH, AS IT IS DONE IN HEAVEN  (Luke 11:2). meaning that Gods agenda and method of life be replicated here on earth…

Anywhere we step our feet is supposed to be an arena that enacts Gods presence….it should be felt…

From the definition we can see clearly that energy has to do with *STRENGTH* required sustained physical or mental activity

The truth is….

No matter what we do in the spirit, there is a physical manifestation for the world to see…Jesus said let your light so shine that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven…

Glory to God *(Matthew 5:16).

God intends that we do his work on earth but beyond that he intends that the work be done his way, and his way is his will and his will is in his word.

We must work the work of him who sent Jesus for night comes…. (John 9:4)

Now beloved, on all this verses…can you notice that time is reflected….?

In the definition of energy… that power (strength) + sustained (time)….

Two things are important

Strength and Time!

Our anchor verse says it is he who is at work in Us to will and to do…. (Philippians 2:13)

God wants to direct all your faculty….

Especially our will and then our actions (to do)

The question is God really the one willing and doing in your life?*

Today there are a lot who are battling with obstacles that want to gain mastery over our lives…

Oh Brother Jude struggled with a whole number of stuffs as a young person too…

And I know you are not exempted from the challenges….

But there is a way we overcome.

We allow the energy of God take over….amen!

In the verse above (Matthew 22:37) Jesus said…love the Lord your God with all your

  • Heart
  • Soul (mind, will ,intellect, emotions)

Other passages said with all your strength….

Can u see that God wants all of you?

He doesn’t want to steal it from you dear….no, he wants to be seen in every area of your life.

Many of us even though we are part of every energetic activity in church….you have borrowed your emotions to the devil, your dad’s enemy…. Some have been buried in addictions….

Some as young as we are, we have already started toiling the road of Jezebel….the mother of immorality.

And many have exchanged passion for God for fashion.

Hear me this morning beloved, God is ready to deliver you

When I had struggles as a teenager…no one could help me

Then was not like now that so much attention is given to young people.

I cried many times as a High school student….

I was beginning to toll the secular path….but thank God for other young believers.

That was my turning point…..

God helped me.

It felt like God would make a mistake with my life if I handed it all over…

But that’s what the enemy made me think….

But today 18 years gone down in grace….hallelujah

So my dear God can never make a mistake with your life..

You need the energy of God.

Time is moving….

Your years are passing as you celebrate your birthdays….

Won’t you hand over your life and let God energize you?

You can’t have the energy of God and waste it on worldly passions,

You can’t have the energy of God and waste it on fornication

You can’t waste Gods energy on useless books….

The energy of God is for Gods work.

There’s no shame in preaching Gods word

Some of you are so scared….

You want to be trendy…

You want to do the latest…

But let me tell you today…

What makes people relevant in the kingdom is beyond the fashion of this world….

The energy of God announces your relevance

Today God wants to deliver you from laziness,

Today God wants to give you his energy….

He wants to give you his Holy Spirit….

Now, many will think we have been perfect all along…

My dear, no!…I have had my shares of failures at a young age, like I shared, when I fell many times I had to run to the secret place, that was where I found the oxygen to rise again and with consistency in God’s presence….many of us have been able to stand, today we can point you to God.

When it’s your turn who will you point others to?

As much as God wants you to do his work….he prefers that you have his energy…

That’s the only way to finish strong my friend….

Don’t be ashamed….God is here even now

He can’t be caged….

I have seen people receive baptism of the Holy Ghost via phone calls….

The Spirit of God cannot be limited there is Energy here and now.

As I conclude….

I want you to know that….if you don’t have this energy….no matter what you learn here….you will be weak to practice.

You need the power of God

Paul said…it’s at work in us to will and to do *(Philippians 2:13)* hallelujah

GOD Is set to fix us….

Do you have the energy of God….

Energy is not assumed…

Energy is felt….

Energy is power to sustain…

And if you have this today, your life will change….

It’s easier to look like Jesus ….

Today and now….

I want to raise an altar of prayer…..

I don’t know how God has spoken to you now….

Stop thinking about someone else you feel needed this message more….

YOU NEED IT…I mean you!!!!

Can you begin to talk to God?

Many of us are trying out by our strength….

By strength shall no man prevail…

It is useless and futile to attempt Gods work with mere knowledge…

You need God’s Energy

Have you exchanged passion for FASHION?

*Have you been ashamed to be identified with Jesus’ party?

*Are you sold out to trendiness that you have lost your mind?

*Are you simply a pretender in church?

*Have you been battling in the secret?

Call out to God now….in the name of Jesus….

Fire everywhere……in the name of Jesus….

Take over take over Lord….

Spirit of the sovereign Lord

Come and make your presence known….

Reveal the Glory of the living God. ….song….

Thank you Jesus…..

Many of us lack appetite for Godliness…and we feel its normal…


Noooo it is not…

The spirit of the age is near…is here to sweep as many who have refused to grow….

Tell God your weaknesses now…..cry to God….

Let God set you Ablaze for kingdom relevance….

Until that energy come….

Aaaah moving anywhere to do Gods work is suicide mission….

Satan knows the difference between suit and Anointing*

God is here to fill you.. Receive it now In the name of Jesus….

Some of our hearts are not teachable….we are not humble….we are not ready to be mentored.

Some as we speak, it is God who just used events to rescue you….if not by now…the enemy set trap for you and he would have finished you even as a teenager….

Receive deliverance, now In the name of Jesus.

Ways to channel your energy

-Consistent Prayer and study of God’s word

-Listening to sermons that can make us grow…

-Engage in fellowship with the right minds

-Spend time in Fasting

-Preach the word of God online and offline

-Be identified with Jesus anywhere

God wants to give you his energy today.

God bless you!


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